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Dental Testimonials in Salem, Oregon

Megan F. | Dec. 2011

I mainly was excited to come to this office because they had online coupons for new patients and I knew I needed work done. I was sweetly surprised by the warmth of the office. I was brought into a room where the dentist John Lee came in within five minutes and looked over my xrays and mouth. He asked what was priority to me and then gave his recommendations. As he prepped things for my fillings I was brought a magazine and a blanket. He was friendly, straight forward and precise. It was the most pain free filling I have ever had. His assistant worked well and watched intently for any cues from me for needing suction. I didn’g gag even once! All in all this place is fantastic. I have been to some real bummer dental clinics, but this place is just great. I would highly recommend them!

Steve M. | Aug. 2010

I don’t usually eat candy. But I’d been on a big hike the day before, I knew there was a frozen 100 grand bar left in the freezer from Halloween, and I figured ’Oh, why not.’ Apparently a good reason not to do so is that the 100 grand bar cracked one of my teeth in half LENGTHWISE. So maybe I was a little panicked, this happened on a Sunday (which apparently is the faux pas day to have a dental emergency, who knew?) Dr. Lee was the only dentist who had an emergency number on his VM. I talked to him and he agreed that yep, this was indeed a dental emergency, asked if I was in pain (surprisingly I wasn’t), and set me up with an early morning appointment Monday morning! Once there? Dr. Lee is a really gentle, thorough, and gifted dentist. His staff was friendly and efficient, and I can’t say enough good things about the experience (including the fact that yay!! He saved my tooth!!) Being a stellar dentist who really came through for me in an emergency gets you five stars (and a new patient) Dr. Lee. The fact that a scary dental emergency was turned into a five star event? Makes me wish I could award Dr. Lee the Nobel Prize for Dentistry.

Mindy C. | Feb. 2011

I’m not a fan of dentists. But when my erupted wisdom tooth became infected in mid-January I needed someone to alleviate the pain–stat. And this was the place. I chose them mostly because I liked the name ’Emergency Dentist Salem.’ It just smacks of comfort and soft, delightful smelling things. The outside of their office is newish and clean as is the interior. The decorations are pleasant and I felt more like I was inside a house (equipped with rooms full of torture instruments) than a dental office. But it felt sterile — like it should. They got me in for an appointment the next day. And my insurance would cover nearly everything. SOLD! The visit was short and sweet and I was sent on my way with two prescriptions and an appointment for extraction the following week when my swollen and infected jaw was in better shape. Within the next two days the infection and swelling was down. The extraction procedure itself was quick, free from complications and from my expert opinion on experiencing pain–relatively pain free. Plus — more drugs! Went home with gauze and after-care info but the bleeding stopped quickly and the healing was much faster than anticipated. They booked me for a follow-up appointment for the next week (free of charge) and did a thorough cleaning and spotted only one cavity. I like the efficiency and friendliness of the staff. I like that it’s close and convenient and they clear everything through my insurance before they proceed with the next steps so I know what will be covered and what won’t. I will definitely stick with these folks!

Dennis D. | Apr. 2011

One of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had! It’s been a year or two since I’d seen a dentist and I had to find a new one since the dental office I was once covered with no longer is an option through my insurance plan. Dr. John Lee and the staff were extremely nice, consistent with their message and very clear of what I was to expect price-wise and in making sure I wanted the service offered. My out of pocket was as expected according to my insurance and there was absolutely no pain during the procedure. I highly recommend this dental office.

Happy Salem Emergency Dentist Customer (Google) | Apr. 2010

Top-of-the-line dentistry I found Dr. Lee through via a friend. Dr. Lee has done major high quality work installing two bridges, three crowns, and performing other general dental procedures. He is as good as the best around town.

Cheryl T. | Apr. 2011

I have been going to Dr. John Lee for 10 yrs now. I have gone through many dentists through the years looking for one who would listen to my concerns and work with me instead of shoving me through to the next appointment as if I were a time slot. Dr. John not only listens to me but is gentle when giving shots too. I am sure you and your kids will like him as much as we do.

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